Lock Your Loan in Seconds with Orion Lending’s New Revolutionary QuickLock Feature in STAR Portal!

June 27, 2022

Orion Lending (Orion) is a Nationwide Wholesale Mortgage Lender founded by proven industry leaders who bring a legacy of success and ambition to Mortgage Banking. Orion combines innovative technology, a wide array of products, personal touch service coupled with competitive pricing that hyperspeeds the growth of our business partners.

Innovation is the heart and soul of this leading organization.  Orion has enhanced its cutting edge, proprietary STAR Broker Portal tech yet again!  Approved Broker Partners will now be able to leverage the NEW QuickLock feature and lock a loan in seconds directly from the QuickPricer without the NEED to upload the 3.2 OR 3.4 FILE!  

Orion has continued innovate the STAR Portal, with over 400 unique features added this year alone.  Additionally, Orion has recently experienced nationwide expansion including now being licensed in 50 states, with team members in 40 states and fulfillment centers on the East and West Coast.

“Becoming the Lender of Choice for our Broker partners is what drives us to continually look for ways to add value and efficiency for our customers. Our Quick Lock technology is a prime example of this. By shaving minutes off the time it takes to lock a loan, down to just a few seconds, this solution allows brokers to react to market conditions lightning fast. ”, said Tracey Corbett, Orion Lending Executive Vice President of Strategy. 

Along with Orion’s avant-garde QuickLock feature, approved Broker Partners have a quarterback (Account Manager) to ensure your loan gets to the finish line, Underwriters that call you and a dedicated Support Team, just for YOU. If you are interested in accessing the new QuickLock feature, please reach out to your Orion Account Executive. To learn more about how Orion Lending’s newest technology will hyperspeed your business, please visit www.orionlending.com.