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Lisa Scolardi Atamian

National Account Executive
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About Me

As a New England girl, living in the beautiful Arizona Desert weather since early 92’, has helped me to enjoy staying active through hiking, biking, and working out, along with many other various outdoor activities. In my spare time, I love traveling back to Rhode Island, visiting family, checking out new restaurants and going to my favorite beaches where I find complete tranquility. Upon moving to Arizona, admittedly, I did not know the exact sales career I wanted to pursue. Both of my uncles, who lived back in Rhode Island and worked in the banking business gave me an important piece of advice. “Get in a startup position in the mortgage industry, pay attention, and start learning the business from the bottom up” helped my decision to get started in the career I am in today. 

I started in the mortgage business in early 1993 with no mortgage experience by calling mortgage companies out of the yellow pages to see if I could obtain an interview. I started with the “A’s” and heard the word “no” many times due to lack of experience. Since no is not in my vocabulary, when I reached the“C’s,” a man very dear to my heart gave me my first opportunity in the mortgage industry. Impressed with my discipline and resilience, he asked to set up an interview and ended up hiring me at Carl I Brown’s Scottsdale retail branch. It was there I worked my way up from the bottom and was met with many challenges of this new industry such as brushing up on certain math topics all over again! At the end of 1995, I switched to Wholesale and have continued to work in this side of the business ever since. 

I pride myself on always being a top producer in the companies I have worked for and am proud to work for Orion Lending, where I have worked since November of 2017. I realize the challenges that mortgage brokers, loan officers and processors go through daily, which is why I enjoy partnering with them to work on educating, training, motivating, and offering a listening ear. I look forward to helping others get to the next level in addition to developing bonds and friendships along the way!  

I look forward to hearing from you, so that myself and my team at Orion Lending may help to increase your market share! 


Lisa Scolardi Atamian

National Account Executive

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