Behind the Scenes

August 10, 2020

Our clients want to know where our management is focused. That is understandable, as how we act, and react, to industry issues directly impacts Orion’s brokers and their clients. And some things happen very rapidly, as we saw in March, and some things develop more slowly. We feel that our concerns are similar to those of our clients.

An important topic is margin management. Namely, companies of all shapes and sizes adjusting their pricing margins to best help their capacity and also help their profits and sustainability. Orion believes that every broker and originator deserves to make a profit, and conversely our brokers understand that Orion deserves to make one as well. We also believe in maintaining a high level of customer service: what’s the point of pricing aggressively if our operations teams cannot handle the flow of business? It doesn’t help us, you, or your clients, and so our pricing matches our capabilities.

Speaking of operations, Orion does its best to avoid employee burnout. With many working from home, the computer is always present. Working hours have expanded, work on weekends is commonplace, and there is always something to do to help our clients. So we remind our underwriters, doc drawers, funders, AEs, and so on to spending time with their families, pace themselves, and step away from the computer!

And speaking of employees, hiring, training, and keeping talented employees is paramount to Orion’s success and the success of our brokers. We are actively hiring in the markets we serve, both Account Executives and operations personnel. We have “tweaked” our training processes to handle remote, work from home employees. And we actively work on keeping our workforce intact and focused on our broker clients.

Orion’s management feels that the steps we have taken will ensure the success of our brokers long into the future. And your success helps our success!

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