Orion Lending is the #1 Chenoa DPA Lender in the Nation!

August 11, 2022

Orion Lending has been recognized as the #1 Chenoa DPA Lender in the Universe!

In 2022 alone, Orion has closed over 200 Chenoa DPA Loans! With Repayable and Forgivable Options not only on our Chenoa Program BUT on the National Homebuyers Fund DPA as well – Orion has been and continues to be committed to serving more of your customers! Additionally, Orion’s DPA’s are underwritten in house and allow for FICO’s as low as 600.  

The Chenoa DPA program has been a major hit among the Orion Sales Team, especially throughout the many recent decisions the fed has made that impacts the mortgage industry – including potential buyers decrease in buying power.  These programs help those hopeful buyers still pursue their dream of homeownership.

Orion is honored to be recognized as the #1 Chenoa Lender in the United States! For more information on Orion Lending’s Down Payment Assistance programs, please visit https://www.orionlending.com/product-rate.